No Bro ADS

The "No Bro ADS" extension will be a good option if you need to get rid of intrusive ads, protect yourself from fraudulent sites, online tracking. The program will allow you to block annoying ads, pop-up advertisements, tracking scripts, speed up web browsing and protect your privacy.

How it works


You can control your actions, allow certain types of ads, whitelist the websites you want to support. And this is not all expansion options!

Standard ad blocking works at the network level, is able to limit the collection of statistical information by different sites, hide unnecessary social network buttons and much more. All functions are customizable.

Anti banner - blocking of most intrusive ads, including automatically playing videos, Pop Under, Pop-up information, flashing banners, rich media.

Save traffic with faster page loading.

The program is free. In addition to all the features, it will provide a comfortable use of the Internet.

After installing it, you will get rid of many problems, in addition to blocking intrusive advertising.

Privacy policy

More details about the privacy policy can be found on our website:

End User License Agreement -

Communication with our servers is encrypted, so there is no way to establish a connection between you and your online activity. The only data that we store is the fact of installation and extension activity for statistics. This is a guarantee of complete confidentiality.

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